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February 9, 2011

Growing Up - Miss E., 12 months

*Disclaimer: For whatever reason, I am currently unable to upload pictures.*
3/7 Updated with pics!

Life with Elly at 1 year:

Holy Cow! How did you get to be one year?!?! Time has literally sprouted wings and flown by.

You are getting back to being a good sleeper : ) We aren't quite there, but we'll keep working on it until you are!

We have started an 8 o'clock bedtime. This seems to suit you, and you have gotten to be a better dispositioned baby. We are currently working to get you to soothe yourself to sleep instead of Mommy or Daddy rocking you.

You rock the walk, and are starting to own it. By that I mean you have started adding attitude to your stride. You can get moving pretty quick, but still no running.

You continue to love food. We continue to love you loving food : )

You have started to say some words besides Mama and Da-da. We've gotten Thank you, Nigh-Night and a couple others.

You finally got your fourth tooth! Finding out was painful for me, as most nursing moms will understand.

You have transitioned to daycare so well!

You have gotten to be quite the big girl! Still in size 3 diapers, but officially in 12-18 month clothing. You weigh around 21 lbs.

You are such a good girl; you listen to us very well, and usually share well with Max.

Speaking of Max, you are such a copy cat! Anything he does you try to do. We've has some not great moments where you follow him up something and don't know how to get back down : (

We love you Birthday Girl! Stay sweet : D

February 4, 2011

Growing Up - Miss E., 11 months

Life with Elly at 11 months:

You have three teeth! (finally!)

You have started daycare for the first time. You seem to enjoy being there, but you are SO happy to see me when I pick you up! <--BTW, Miss Debbie just adores you!

You're sleeping has not improved :(

You are still in a size 3 diaper, but wear both 12 and 18 month clothing. Big Girl! I'd say you weigh about 20 lbs give or take a few ounces : )

You continue to be a great eater! Many times you will eat your meal, plus finish whatever Max didn't eat.
You love to "rub, rub, rub" your hands. (handwashing/sanitizing)
You have experienced your first real cold since starting daycare. Hopefully your immune system catches up fast!
You're favorite word to say is "Uh-Oh"! It's super cute!
You love bath time. It usually lasts longest when shared with Max : )
You're brother has taught you many things! Including how to drink out of a big cup (bath time). You love to imitate him in any way you can. Sometimes Max enjoys it, other times not so much. Hopefully we have very few of the not so much moments!
You LOVE to dance! The music plays and up and down your little butt goes. You also love us to hold you and dance with you. It's such a hardship ; )
You never hold still! Diaper changes to photos, I can't get you to not move for anything! (as evidenced by having to use bath photos!!)
We love ya girl!

Growing Up - Miss E., 10 months

Life with Elly at 10 months:
You walk!!!!! It's not always great, and when you want to go fast you still revert to crawling, but you've done it! You walked by 10 months!
You wear 12 month clothing and are still in size 3 diapers.
You're hair is starting to fill in more. I can't wait for it to get longer!
On the hair note, you no longer leave your headbands alone : (
You are a great eater! You've given up on baby food, and anything that reminds you of it (i.e. yogurt, applesauce), but you eat anything else we put in front of you!
You love to clap! "YAY" get's a pretty happy reaction from you as well ; )
You still only have the 2 teeth, but boy do you know how to use them.

You are getting more vocal and trying to "tell" us a few things.
You're sleep pattern seems to be going thru an adjustment as you are now waking up at night sometimes. Unfortunately, this hasn't improved your naps!
You watch your brother SO closely! I can tell we won't have much more time before you are a mini-Max!
You are just the sweetest girl and we love you to pieces!