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May 17, 2009

Lions, Tigers, & _____!

Okay. This is me trying to be clever. Be nice, it's past my bedtime!

Mike took Max to the zoo. His first ever solo trip with Max. (Me? I got the opportunity to pack and clean.) So, they went to the Blank Park Zoo (you know, the _____ ) : P It works, because, you know, our zoo isn't big enough for bears. I'm pretty sure that there are lions and tigers though. Maybe just lions. Yep, small zoo. Mike met some friends from daycare there, so Max had a familiar playmate to keep him company. Liam's a year older than Max, so they're close enough to get on well.

Max got to pet the goat while Mike fed it. He even tugged his beard!

This is as close at those ducks would allow Max to be.
Daddy got the starfish out for Max to explore.
Max and Liam would have played in these troughs all day.
All that playing left Max famished. He ate 1/2 the apple by himself! (as in no help of any kind!)

May 13, 2009

All the Mamas & Other Party People

My second Mother's Day. Really great. When originally asked, I said it was great, better than last year....cause, you know, we were in the NICU. But looking back, I think maybe they tie. Last year on Mother's Day the docs finally said those fateful words all NICU parents long to hear, you'll be going home soon. For us, that meant in a couple days.

This Mother's Day brought the chance to be with my family. I got to spend the morning with my mom and sister. I actually got to spend the previous Thursday night with them too, attending the Kenny Chesney concert!!! <-- AWESOME (more on that later, when I can get a copy of the pics). And thus, the matching attire. And, all the boys were well behaved. What more could a mom ask for?
All the Moms with all the grandkids (I can't say all the kids, my bro wasn't there : ) )

Just the girls.

This is how we'd all spent the previous hour ; )

Mommo with all her little boys. Yep, not a girl between us.

My parents and Mike, Max, and myself then proceeded to the park for some recreation.

Max crossing the bridge.
His favorite, the slide. Loves to go up the wrong way.
Down the "right way" is okay.

But this way is better....

and of course, this way is best!
Why is it that when a boy goes to the park, he must always at least contemplate
doing something that he shouldn't???Someday, my little man, but not today.

I hope you all had a Mother's Day worth smiling about : )

May 9, 2009

Closer Than You Think

Alternately titled: Dog-gone Cute.

Based on photographic evidence, I am going to make the bold statement and say, Dogs and Humans are more closely related than you think.

For your consideration, a love of ribs/bones:

Ladies and Gentlemen, also for your consideration I present to you chewing on discs and a love of all things ball:

Pretty solid evidence, if I do say so myself.
I rest my case.