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March 7, 2012


You need to do something for you. This was the advise my therapist gave me amongst all the divorce chaos and stress. So I decided I wanted to start getting my nails done. Except I didn't want acrylics. And I ruin most manicures withing 72 hours. Enter Shellac. Two weeks of pretty, shiny nails. Sometimes longer if you can stand the length and don't abuse your nails. I fail on both counts. Long nails annoy me. The clacking on the keyboard, the interference with texting. Plus, I have crappy natural nails so the longer they get the weaker and more likely to split or crack they become. So, I started getting Shellac manicures wherever was convenient. I found places I won't go back to, some that were okay, but never one place or person I would commit to, or specifically recommend. Then around Christmas I decided I wanted to add some fun to my nails to help get in the celebratory mood. I asked around and one name came back. Melissa Finch at Estilo Salon. Destiny. She is awesome. I don't have a photo of the manicure she gave me then (red with gold glitter swirls) but I am so in love with what she does, and the experience of just being with her for that hour that I haven't looked back. I see her every two weeks. Usually it's just a basic Shellac manicure, I pick a color (or colors because Shellac can be layered to create new colors) and just sit back and enjoy for the next two weeks. This last week I decided I wanted to try something new I saw on Pinterest. The ombre manicure. You can do this two ways, a fade on each nail, or a fade from nail to nail. I chose the nail to nail. We went with grey after discussing purple and red possibilities. It's awesome. Love it. Love her. (FYI, we added glitter to the pinky nail because I didn't think I wanted an all white nail. She has a glitter the color of my thumbnail that I think would look cool just faded in towards the tip of the pinky instead of all over the nail.)