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March 22, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Update: I almost forgot to share! We went in for another Synagis shot last Friday; Max weighs 22 lbs 6 oz. BIG boy! It was so weird to hold Autumn (see below) after holding Max all the time. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking he isn't that heavy, but after holding her this weekend there's no more fooling myself!

I see a baby who can't avoid hitting his head every time he falls down. And he's happy anyway. Yea, I am that lucky.

I see a baby boy worn out from playing with Uncle Chris and Aunt Karyn all afternoon.

I see a baby who thinks screen doors are the greatest toy yet. Tastes good too.

I see a baby boy who can't take his eyes off the 6 month old baby girl that came to visit. Can't blame him, she is absolutely adorable!

I see someone trying ice cream for the first time. I think it's safe to say we will be making Dairy Queen a regular treat this summer!

I entered a contest at to win a free tea cup and tea (I didn't win). If you know me, you know I hate to make final decisions. This was no different. I couldn't choose my favorite tea cup; I ended up submitting the first one I ever received. Since I had out an array of my favorites I figured I would turn my dilema into a photo-op. It turned out well, if I do say so myself. Ahhh, Ancient Happiness, yes you are.

I see a video of Max walking (and falling) with a little Kitty Cat action thrown in to boot.

March 16, 2009

Of Weekends, Wonderings, and something for Pat

Ready, Set, Walk! Yep, we're walking now. I wouldn't use the word proficient, but try we do. I didn't catch him in the act this time, but here he is thinking about the deed. He seems to get excited by the idea, and falls down with excitement ; )

It finally got nice for a few days here, so we took Max outside to play for the first time. I took these so you could share in the fun. Oh, what's that? You wanted to be there playing with him? Well stop by anytime. Max won't ever turn away a playdate.

Max is getting good at waving when we say "bye-bye". He's even starting to understand what "bye-bye" means. What you don't see here is that Max is waving at cars as they come and go from the parking lot behind us. I don't think anyone actually noticed him waving at them; probably a good thing as those are the kinds of distractions that can cause fender benders : D

Max is one lucky little guy. The weekend before last, Gma and Gpa Hanson came and played with him while Mom and Dad went out with some friends.

And this weekend Mommo and Poppo came down for a quick visit. Max really enjoyed his time. Maybe next time it will be warm enough that they will bring the bike and Max can get a ride!

Here's Mommy showing Max how cool it is to crawl through the Kick and Crawl Aquarium. And it is cool. Right? Right.

And this is for Pat.

She always remarks to me how happy Max is. And while not untrue, I thought I'd share a moment when Max was definitely not happy.

This is one in a series of sad faces we are seeing more often now as he is learning "no". Gone are the days where he can charm his way into doing what ever he wants : )

March 8, 2009

DJ Mad Max

Mike got his beat box out this weekend; it was love at first sight. Luckily, I'm secure enough in his love for me to not be jealous of an electronic toy. Yeah, I know who he calls on when he gets hungry and needs a cuddle.

Nope, haven't forgotten that people can't hear a photo, so I took this video for ya. I think we may have a prodigy on our hands. What do you think?