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September 22, 2010

Soup, Salad, and...


Also, because I think they are so stinkn' cute, Elly's 6 mo photo session is up for viewing here. Password: hanson. Only available for viewing for a month : )

September 9, 2010

Growing Up - Miss E., 7 Months

Life with Elly at 7 months:
  • Everyone who sees you compares you to a cabbage patch doll. Okay, not everyone...but it is darn close!
  • You gabber a good deal, but so far you prefer grunting to get your point across ; )
  • You started sitting last month, and boy have you mastered it! The only time you fall over is when you are getting tired.
  • You have started to "crawl" from your sitting position. You'll reach for something until you fall forward into a crawl position. You can't really get anywhere, and you can't get yourself sat back up so this has become a bit frusterating for us all.
  • You love to pat. I love when I pick you up from your nap or diaper change and you just pat my shoulder or back : D
  • You are a piggy! Veggies and fruit twice a day, and if you would stay awake you'd get breakfast too!
  • You have also started to drink from a sippy cup. I don't know if you love getting the drink or the opportunity to gnaw on something new more.
  • You LOVE to be outside. I'll carry you in the wrap and we'll follow Max around many afternoons and you think it is all for your entertainment! The laughs you share with us are great!!
  • You've moved into size 6-9 month clothing, right on target.
  • You still wear a size 2 diaper, but soon we'll have to move to 2-3 or 3!
  • At your last appointment you weighed 16lbs 13 oz and were 26 inches long. I looked up your brothers stats from the same time in his life and he was a pound heavier and an inch longer! I guess it's all going to the cheeks ; )
  • You got to meet Aunt Mel for the first time this month. I think you have another fan : )
  • You tried table food this month, too. Meat loaf, baked potatoe, ribs, mashed potatoes and a deluxe grahm (from grandma!) are the things you've sampled so far!

September 7, 2010


I'm not a good decision maker. We are FINALLY finished painting, and now onto haning our pictures. But appointing the place to hang remains to be decided. So, HELP! Let me know what you think in the comments. I'd put up a poll, but find that the blessed nap time is over ; ) And...THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP : D