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September 22, 2010

Soup, Salad, and...


Also, because I think they are so stinkn' cute, Elly's 6 mo photo session is up for viewing here. Password: hanson. Only available for viewing for a month : )


  1. Mmmmmmm......breadsticks.....are they bona fide Olive Garden breadsticks? Because the only thing better than breadsticks is Olive Garden breadsticks.

    Thanks, now I am drooling all over my desk!

  2. They are official Olive Garden Breadsticks : ) Elly joined Jill and me for the official Sister Day Dinner last month. They kept her quiet...just sayin'.

  3. Olive Garden has their Never-ending pasta bowl going on... my hubby and I are complete addicts :)

    p.s. What did you decide to do about the picture arrangement on the walls??

  4. Ooooh, the pictures. You had to bring those up, right ; ) We are on hold with those. Family pics are coming up, and I had the thought that, "crap, what if they turn out REALLY WONDERFUL and then all I have room for is a measly 8x10?" So, yea, nothing yet.


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