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September 10, 2009

Three Word Thursday

(including those not pictured!)

Holiday weeks are always long, aren't they? This week has been no exception. As I was loading Max into the car this morning, my thought was, is Friday over yet? No, Thursday is only beginning. SIGH.

I started the prescribed synthetic progeterone shot regime this week. The home nurse was very nice and very talented. However, she cannot change the size of the needle. Nor can she change the fact that the shot has a castor oil base, which requires a slow injection. Two days later, I have a lovely bruise and my hip still hurts when I move. One down, 19 to go.

Cute Max moment of the week: Last night we were all cuddled on the floor when he decided it was time to dance. So, up he went and the grooving started. But he was dancing alone, and that just wasn't acceptable. So, he starts pulling on my hands and grunting with his effort : ) Baby boy wanted to dance with Mama. If it were possible to love him more...

September 9, 2009

September 2, 2009

Little Kids + Runny Noses =

Boogie Wipes. Seriously the best.product.ever. for kids with runny noses. And let us not forget the adults. C'mon. You know your nose gets sore too when you have a runny nose! As we enter cold season I think we all need to go and stock up on these. I know they're already on my shopping list.

I picked up a pack last weekend since Max had developed a cold on Friday. Let's just say I don't have to chase him to wipe his nose anymore, and that makes for a very happy Mama.