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November 23, 2008


Babies are joy. No one can make your day brighter than a baby. I know I'm a little prejudiced here, but Max brings so many people joy. People we don't even know. We were in Sam's Club today, babies everywhere, but who do people stop? Us. To let us know how adorable Max is. To smile at Max, and be smiled at in return. When this kid is happy, EVERYONE is happy.

We've had a busy couple of weeks here. It's hard to know that it's just going to get worse during the holiday's. Especially since I have my joy here in my lap making me giggle as I type this out for you. What the heck am I doing in front of the computer when I could be playing with Mr. Max? Good point. I'm going to quick spread some of the joy Max brings with a few photos and then enjoy the time I have with my baby joy while he's still, well, a baby. Oh, by the way, he got his second tooth yesterday. #2 is right next to #1.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the previous two weeks in photos : )

Max all bundled up for the cold in his...monkey hat and gloves!

Kolten and his favorite cousin.

Grandma Hanson's B-day party sure wore the boys out!

Bringing the JOY.

I don't think Rascal quite finds Max a joy yet....

Lounging with Daddy.

My reason for rushing home after work.

Happy Birthday Grandma Pam!

"Homemade" double decker Oreo cookie....a whole other category of joy.

Max's thoughts..."another picture mom? I'm gonna let Aunt Karyn hold the smile this time."

Our favorite nurse Barbie came over to suck up to me. It's only fair. Everytime she give's me shots she has to come visit me at home to make it up to me.

Adam get's to come with Barbie to suck up to me. I think he's pretty cool.

Bounce.Bounce.Bounce.Bounce. Oh, JOY.

November 18, 2008

What takes so long?

There are so many things that we wait for that seem to take forever.



The last one is finally here. Max got his first tooth last week. A picture you say? Not hardly. Do you know how hard it is to get a baby to open his mouth wide enough, not to mention long enough, to photo a tooth?

We also finally finalized the delivery of Synagis to Doc's office. My baby will be protected from RSV.

The wait is finally over.

November 11, 2008

6 Month Check-Up & Other Cool Stuff

WARNING: The following contains a little information and many pictures.
Goodness, our little boy is getting so BIG! We had a milestone visit with Doc yesterday. The little monkey has some new stats:

6 Months: 17 lbs 11 oz 27 inches
This is in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. Go Max!

The poor fella also got 6 shots. Big thanks to our favorite nurses Christina and Barb for making the process quick, if not painless. He took them all very well. He is beginning to understand that something bad is going to happen when we start to hold him down. The crying doesn't start until the first prick, but is over almost as soon as the last needle is out. He's still a little fussy today, but I'm chalking that one up to the flu shot part of the process. Hopefully he's feeling more himself soon. I miss my happy little baby already! Am I a horrible mommy for enjoying the extra cuddle time though?

Here's the damage...

Here's the baby despite the damage...

And now some old cuteness to share:

The mobile that Mr. Hanson built for Max.

Max enjoying for the first time the mobile that Mr. Hanson built.

And First Prize in the New Food that Baby Loves contest goest to......CARROTS!

Uncle Chris came to visit.

He taught Mom and Dad to make a really cool, tasty meal. It looks pretty too! There was baked brie, and cherries, and crunchy toasted bread. Mommy forgot about the roasted garlic, but it was good anyway.

All that cooking really wore me out! Good thing Uncle Chris was there to cuddle me and provide a built in drool rag : )

The monkey in his Halloween outfit. Little Monster indeed.

Uncle Red took Max around to meet all the residents of Little Flower Haven (nursing home); I daresay he was the highlight of the week for them!

Even though he brightened everyone's day at Little Flower Haven, Max made his visit specially for Great Grandma Bernie.

We ended the visit and evening in Earling with cuddle time with Great Grandma Renie.

November 8, 2008

Thanks Aunt Jill!

My sister was kind enough to post a few pictures for us all to enjoy. Thank you!

The Giggle Monster

Did you ever wonder if I was kidding about the monkey stuff? I'm not, proof's in the picture.

Kolten modeling my hat. How cute is that!

Max teaching Unlcle Matt the fine art of chillin' out.

November 5, 2008

Weekend at Gradma and Grandpa's

We were in Denison this past weekend for a visit with Gradma and Granpda. There is a family calendar (grandpa's family) made every year with each month dedicated to one of the siblings. Yes, there are that many! In order to have the most updated photos available...Picture Time! Max hammed it up for the camera, here are some of the final products.
First time on a "real" swing.

Gosh Mom, that pesky sun just won't leave my eyes alone!

Max with Gradma Lois and Grandpa Dave. His first (of many I'm sure) time on the bike.

More swing time.

You can't see this much of his onesie in the other pics, but it ways "COOL Just Like Daddy".