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November 23, 2008


Babies are joy. No one can make your day brighter than a baby. I know I'm a little prejudiced here, but Max brings so many people joy. People we don't even know. We were in Sam's Club today, babies everywhere, but who do people stop? Us. To let us know how adorable Max is. To smile at Max, and be smiled at in return. When this kid is happy, EVERYONE is happy.

We've had a busy couple of weeks here. It's hard to know that it's just going to get worse during the holiday's. Especially since I have my joy here in my lap making me giggle as I type this out for you. What the heck am I doing in front of the computer when I could be playing with Mr. Max? Good point. I'm going to quick spread some of the joy Max brings with a few photos and then enjoy the time I have with my baby joy while he's still, well, a baby. Oh, by the way, he got his second tooth yesterday. #2 is right next to #1.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the previous two weeks in photos : )

Max all bundled up for the cold in his...monkey hat and gloves!

Kolten and his favorite cousin.

Grandma Hanson's B-day party sure wore the boys out!

Bringing the JOY.

I don't think Rascal quite finds Max a joy yet....

Lounging with Daddy.

My reason for rushing home after work.

Happy Birthday Grandma Pam!

"Homemade" double decker Oreo cookie....a whole other category of joy.

Max's thoughts..."another picture mom? I'm gonna let Aunt Karyn hold the smile this time."

Our favorite nurse Barbie came over to suck up to me. It's only fair. Everytime she give's me shots she has to come visit me at home to make it up to me.

Adam get's to come with Barbie to suck up to me. I think he's pretty cool.

Bounce.Bounce.Bounce.Bounce. Oh, JOY.

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  1. i find the most joy in knowing hes yours not mine ;op he's still adorable...i cant wait to meet him...i hope life is treating you guys well and it seems as though it is...happy anniversary (I was there both times hehe) hopefully ill get to see you guys around one of our birthdays since all three happen within the next couple of months and im long over due for a visit...peace love & 420

    ~Satan's Angel~


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