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November 5, 2008

Weekend at Gradma and Grandpa's

We were in Denison this past weekend for a visit with Gradma and Granpda. There is a family calendar (grandpa's family) made every year with each month dedicated to one of the siblings. Yes, there are that many! In order to have the most updated photos available...Picture Time! Max hammed it up for the camera, here are some of the final products.
First time on a "real" swing.

Gosh Mom, that pesky sun just won't leave my eyes alone!

Max with Gradma Lois and Grandpa Dave. His first (of many I'm sure) time on the bike.

More swing time.

You can't see this much of his onesie in the other pics, but it ways "COOL Just Like Daddy".

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  1. what a cutie pie!!!! can't wait to kiss his chubby cheeks!! aunt karyn


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