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December 8, 2008

Give me a Ticket

Give me a ticket, I've been a negligent blogger. I told you it was going to get busy! I solemnly swear to take more time and keep the updates coming. Perhaps I need to enlist Mr. Hanson to help share. Starting this week...sometime. We have lots to share, so be sure to check back!

And because I was reminded this weekend that not everyone is getting updated (verbally anyway!) of the latest Max news, here are some previews to check back for:

Rolling over!

Sitting up!

Duke! (A special prize to anyone who guesses correctly what I am referring to here! Leave your guess in the comments.)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your son is adorable! He looks amazing, you'd never even know he was early...what a stinker. Stop by anytime!

  2. so what in the world is duke?? i thought I knew your family pretty well, but apparently you don't share everything with your sister! how rude!! :) so my guess is this -- an acronym for: Delivering Unbelievably Kwik (yes, I know I misspelled this) Eeewwwness. HAHAHA, so my brain isn't really working today! And I'll be changing my myspace today so it's open views. :) Love ya! Jill


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