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December 12, 2008

Update 1

I did say updates within the week, so Friday counts! The holiday season brings busy times in our household. I'm sure with yours to! Since we last met, we've celebrated Thanksgiving and 3 birthday's. Okay, so only one of the birthday's celebrated has occurred, but the other two are within the month. I'd send you to another site to see pictures of the party, but this other site is still priviate (ahem, JILL!) so you'll have to suffer thru without. Or take it up with the responsible party : P My friend Jess was in town with her daughter Isabel, so we got to see them breifly while in Denison. They live in Ohio, so we take what we can get! We have also had a visit from some other out of state friends, Zach and Sarah and their son Ryan. That was a great evening, we hadn't seen them in 3+ years! Their son Ryan, now 2, had liver cancer so it is a great to see him so big and healthy. Max was enthralled, although I think Ryan could have done without sharing his mom! It's always great to see a kid kick @ss, but it especially hits home this time of year. Max also spent a day with Aunt Karyn while Mommy was Chrismas Shopping. She has some great pics of their day together, I'll have to steal her memory card and post them this we celebrate another b-day, Uncle Chris!

On a side note, I am thoughorly dissappointed that nobody has taken a guess at Duke. I'll give you until Sunday, I expect at least two of you readers to take a gander at this. If you ponder it, I'm sure it's not that hard to guess (if you know us!). I really will make it worth your while. <--Look at me, resorting to begging and bribary to get some interaction from y'all. You guys are better than that!

Max enjoying the Thanksgiving meal. He was especially fond of sweet potatos and stuffing. YUM!

Giving thanks with Great-Gma Bernie and Great Uncle Red.
Proof of our visit with Jess and Isabel. (Isn't she darling!)

Zach, Sara, and Ryan.

Ryan giving Max a hug. (Please ignore me in this photo, they can't all be good!) Aren't his eyes amazing?

And that's my lunch hour folks! I'll try to get more up Saturday and Sunday. Remember to guess on Duke by Sunday when all is revealed!

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  1. wow Zach and Sara...haven't seen em in AGES tell em hi for me...i cant wait to meet Max. he's sooo CUTE!!! ~K


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