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December 16, 2008

"Duke" and other Merriment

Duke is our first ever live tree. He is about four feet tall and very round. Mike cut him down the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It even fit into our trunk! Max and I played with the 8 week old Boxer puppies while Mike was doing all the dirty work. I am saddened to say that only one person took a guess at my mini contest. For shame people, for shame. On the other hand, JILL, being the only brave soul to take a gander, is the lovely recipient of, well it was going to be coffee. But Jill is one of the few people I know who does not drink coffee, so I will have to come up with something else. Jill, any requests?

(yes, that is a Santa hat topping our tree) Duke:

Max got this letter in the mail:

The letter came with this sign:

Max: Mom! Look what I got Mom! I was worried that Santa might miss me, but no way will that happen now. How cool is this Mom? How COOL is THIS!
Me: The coolest Max. Now show Mommy the sign and look at the camera...

Daddy and Max sit near Duke and Rascal (our rascally rabbit cat).
Max is showing Daddy where to hang his Santa Sign.

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