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September 7, 2010


I'm not a good decision maker. We are FINALLY finished painting, and now onto haning our pictures. But appointing the place to hang remains to be decided. So, HELP! Let me know what you think in the comments. I'd put up a poll, but find that the blessed nap time is over ; ) And...THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP : D





  1. I think I like the first arrangement the best.

    I just hang the pictures any which way. Then when I get sick of them I move my pictures to different locations in my house.

    But you're way is much more organized and thoughtful.

  2. I'm no help - I can barely tell the difference between the arrangements! Notice there are NO pictures hung in our house? I don't care and Chad doesn't have time. Yay for being so organized though! I would just slap something up and hope it looked good...

  3. Definitely the third option.... I like how the far end of the room has bigger pictures on top of smaller ones. Adds good dramatic effect. And looks more streamlined. I love having a focal point, THEN detals (ie: larger picture on top, smaller ones on bottom). Have fun decorating!! And thank you for your comments :) I always enjoy them - oh and no, not pregnant... yet ;)

  4. I must be honest and tell you I can't tell the difference between the different options - it could be that it's too small for my very bad eye sight. Also it seems SO abstract. If you'd kindly hang all of the pictures where you would have them for each option, it would be appreciated. Then I will be able to give you feed back on which is most visually pleasing. Currently I just see colored squares that make me want to build a tower... and knock it down. I can't wait until T is old enough for BLOCKS!!!


  5. Go with the bottom option... 'Because I Said So!' :) -- Love - your sis!


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