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August 16, 2010

Growing Up - Miss E., 6 Months

Life with Elly at 6 months:
  • You are a little piggy! You started eating cereal just a week or two into your 6th month, and have already progressed to eating a serving of veggies too! You're a good, clean eater, the main mess maker is me ; )
  • Your cheeks seem to get pudgier every month! I guess it's a good thing, people seem to adore them : D
  • You officially sit up now. Your balance is better every day, and you're so much happier now that you can do it yourself....and play with toys on your own.
  • You love to stand! I don't think there will be much crawling in our household this time around either.
  • You're verbal skillz are growing...but we seem to be branching into an area your daddy and I would prefer to leave behind...WHINING. You spend a great deal of the day doing this!
  • You are straddling the line between 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing, it won't be long now!
  • We recently had to switch you from Huggies Snug and Dry to Huggies Lil Snugglers because you were leaking through! Now Mama's considering a switch to clothe. We'll see.
  • You're smiles and laughs continue to highlight our days : )
  • You love to watch Baby Einstein's Baby Neptune. This is my sanity saver when you keep scooping the loop in Whineyville.
  • You love to dance with your family. I hope this is a love that lasts a lifetime!
  • You love to look at yourself in the mirror : ) If I were as pretty as you, I guess I would too!


  1. can't believe it's been 6 months CLOTH IS THE BEST!!! in my humble opinion anyway LOL peace and love to everyone - can't wait for the lil ones to meet each other and for me to meet miss E too bad we live so far away right now...and yes I know the whineyville blues...Tariq is constantly complaining about how he can reach his toys but not get them into his mouth so while he can play with his activity gym it is greatly distressing to him and my ears ;op


  2. and her eyes are going to stay blue!!! yay!

  3. Sorry about the whining. That little attribute has yet to be vanquished in my house. But do tell how you manage to stamp it out in yours or if you manage. =)


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