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July 11, 2010

Growing Up - Miss E., 5 months

Life with Elly at 5 months:
  • You're eyes are still blue!!!!
  • You are still chewing on everything you can, but no teeth to show for all your effort! I think we've just about exausted all our teething avenue's w/o finding you much relief : (
  • You love to grab at things now that you've figured out how to *kinda* hold on to them. Tonight you took Mommy's water bottle away from her!
  • You are finding yourself and your brother HILARIOUS.
  • We have finally moved you into a size 2 diaper; with that change came a change in your diapering demeanor.....meaning you no longer like them! I blame Max.
  • You've figured out how to roll from your back to your tummy, but for some reason you don't like to show this new talent off!
  • We've started some Baby Einstein videos and you are slowly starting to pay a little attention; you are finally playing more independently for longer periods of time too! (Yay for macro breaks!)
  • You've really discovered your voice and love to exercise it before bedtime : P
  • You're hair is starting to get noticebly longer (to me anyway!) and I've started to daydream about hairbows : )
  • You are liking to be outside a little more now; I think you figured out the scenery changes more frequently!
  • We cannot take you anywhere without at least one person mentioning your cheeks! I confess, I love to kiss them!
  • You cheered the ICubs at your first baseball game ; )

At your last well baby appointment (6.29.10) you weighed 14 lbs (75%) and were 25 inches (80%)=combined 50%. I took you in a week later for an ear check and you had already gained an additional 6 ounces and grew another 1/2 inch!!!!! WHAT!
As a side note...this is our/my 100th post ; ) It took me almost 2 years, but here we are. Hopefully we'll be adding to that count considerably more often in the near future. Tell me, how do the other mommy bloggers do it??? I can't seem to find enough time to sit down and put a post together between my two (and I will not be making a habit of doing it at 11 pm as I have tonight!).


  1. I love everything about this post including the sweet little baby girl you are blogging about. When my kids were younger I always blogged at night right after I put them to bed. Then I would do my chores. Right now my husband is watching the kiddos while I lounge about reading blogs. =)


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