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November 17, 2010

Growing Up - Miss E., 9 months

Life with Elly at 9 months:

You eat a lot of table food, and a little baby food. You LOVE to feed yourself!

It would probably be easier to say what you don't like than what you do, so you're not a big fan of cooked apples, cheese...and I'm hard pressed to think of anything else right now ; )

You still wear a size 3 diaper, and size 12 mo clothing. You can still get into a couple 9-12 month things, but not too many.

You are a horrible napper, but usually a great night sleeper. This past week you've been getting up in the 4 a.m. hour, so I'm hoping we've just hit a growth spurt!

You crawl EVERYWHERE. I swear, if I didn't already have a shadow, you would be it!

You've now started to pull yourself up to everything also. You've started to cruise the furniture, so I feel pretty confident that you'll be walking soon(ish)!

You've still only gotten the two teeth.

When we go out, we get comments all the time what a great baby you are, and how happy you seem. Ha! If only these people could see you at home. You are definitely discontent in the evenings for sure. During the day you are pretty happy to play at your leisure and don't express your grumpiness for the world (me) to hear, but...oh, boy. I don't think we'll have to teach you to use your words.

When you are happy, girl you are a cutie. You have the best laugh, The Best.

You are turning into a Daddy's Girl. I won't lie, I don't hate it ; ) I won't lie, I don't think your daddy minds!

You love to play with your brothers toys. Max doesn't love it so much. We're all coping.

You also love water. Bath or shower, as long as it's warm you are good to go.

You have an insane amount of nicknames. Elly Belly, Sugar Lips, Cutie Pie, Pumpkinhead, Bright Eyes, Elly C....there are more. Even Max calls you by them sometimes!

We love you more and more each month my Bonnie Bluebelle.

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