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April 6, 2011

The Eleventh Commandment

Thou shall perceive happiness, health, and beauty in direct porportion to your weight and body size.

Outwardly, most people would read this and respond publicly with a "screw that" attitude. Inwardly? Yep. We live it as if it were a true addendum to the original 10 written in stone.

With every fiber of my being I can truthfully say I have never believed this. Perhaps it is easier for me because I have always been considered thin. But being thin has never made me happy.  I eat a lot. A lot. People, including family, watch me eat and wonder how I manage to stay so skinny. I laugh it off, while feeling decidedly uncomfortable with the inquiry. Are they looking for an answer? Do they think I have some secret dietary magic I keep to myself? I don't know why I don't gain weight (beyond the same 8 pound flux I've had since high school). My guess for myself is genetics and a high motabalism. And the part I stress the most, being thin does not make you healthy. I DO NOT consider myself to be a healthy person. I don't exercise, I don't eat well. I make horrible dietary decisions for myself. I recognize it, but currently lack the motivation to change it. *I do not inflict my decisions on my children*

Anytime someone talks to be about losing weight I try to stress that your weight is not a goal to be reached. If you want to change something concentrate on the inches/size you want to lose. Whatever you do, make sure it's something that is sustainable (as in exercise and diet changes). Looking back, I feel torn at having supported anyones goals to change themselves instead of encouraging them to love who they are. But I guess, since I don't love my body, I feel more secure in supporting their decisions since I can't practice what I preach and such. And exercise is healthy for you, so there's that. Or maybe that's just me trying to justify my actions.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling going on here. I read this post today, and it really resounded with me. Really articulates how I have always felt. Healthy is a word that encompasses so much, and I hope to live to see our society adapt to a, ahem, HEALTHIER vision of the word. So go read the post and come back and tell me your thoughts.


  1. Love me, love me say that you'll love me! I love you just the way your are my friend and if you choose to make healthy changes I fully support you in your endeavor.

    Now, I need to hop on the making healthy changing bandwagon. I like to think I've started since I started that exercise class. I just need to keep it up and spread it around to other aspects of my life.

  2. I don't have an answer either for family members who accuse me of being too skinny. It's nothing I'm trying to achieve or maintain. It just is.

    I love this post! GO YOU!

  3. not only did i read it... i found your comment hehe...

    so true so true so true. I can admit I am finally getting healthier because of getting pregnant (i couldnt eat junk food because it made me sick), breastfeeding, and feeding my baby. i knew i wanted to make his food and did research (because I have a good friend who's all about what she puts in her body and i have learned SOOOO much!) and now only use organic foods for him and then realized if I'm making his food from the junk i put in my body i need to put healthier things in me. I still haven't given up my chocolate because i dont want to go to jail for murder, but i am a lot healthier in that i eat a LOT less junk, try to avoid corn syrup, and eat organic foods which means i'm ingesting fewer chemicals. but it also means i'm spending $400/month on groceries instead of $200 or $250 a month.

    there's also a misconception that as a vegetarian i'm healthy or i care about what i eat... so not true says the girl who lived off sour brite crawlers for at least 5 years or cereal and grilled cheese...

    on the upside - feeding myself properly (no cheese, limited dairy - because i need yogurt) i can tell i am healthier not by weight or size but my lack of colds, flu, and other illnesses even when those i hang with get sick all the time... not in my house BECAUSE we eat properly and know food is the best medicine...


    and yes i love cheese but trust it aint worth what it does to your body...


    ps... thanks for letting me blog on your blog LOL

  4. Great article. I started running to lose weight, but now I do it because I feel healthy and wonderful when I take care of myself. I've been 20 pounds less than I am now, and in horrible shape.


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