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September 28, 2008

Birth of a Rock Star

We've had a good week and a fabulous weekend. There are tons of pictures and a few videos. We had an awesome Saturday. Our oldest nephew, Sheldon, came to spend the day and night with us yesterday. Mike already had plans to spend the day with his brother Chris. So SIL Karyn and I took Max and Sheldon to the Science Center of Iowa. We had a great afternoon at SCI, and then went back to Chris and Karyn's. Karyn and Shel put together a homemade pizza, and then Shel got to rock out. Chris and Karyn have a drum set and piano and guitars set up in a spare bedroom. Shel decided to try his hand at the drums. Karyn helped him out at first, but soon he was rocking all on his own. Mike, and eventually Karyn, joined him on the bass and guitar. All in all, a great day. Thanks to all who helped make it that way!

Also, Max is finally big enough to really play with some toys he got at his baby shower. A big THANK YOU to Uncle Chris and Aunt Karyn for these wonderful entertainment devices! I took a couple photos of him really getting into his toys for the first time. Enjoy!

Max taking in his first soccer game with Aunt Jill.

Sheldon is on the left.

Max entertaining himself (finally)!

Playing in Rockets!

Max with Aunt Karyn at SCI.

Shel with a peg imprint of himself.

The one that didn't get away.

Shel building a Wonderbot to wash dishes.

The "Before" picture. See video for after : )

After: The Domino Effect

Shel (left) practicing on the green screen.

Max enjoying the music & Aunt Karyn's company.

Shel on the drums!

Karyn showing Shel the drums (above) and Mike, Shel, & Karyn rocking out (below).

Mike and Shel rocking out. (sorry for the poor quality of the video, I was sneaking the video so the subjects and lighting aren't properly prepared for recording)

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  1. hey there! thanks for the comment. i'll have to try the gripe water. your little guy is adorable!


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