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September 9, 2008

Weighing In

So the kiddo had two doctor appointments yesterday. One with Blank Children's Hopsital for his 4 month developemental screening. The other his regular well baby visit, four shots included. He did well with both. He is right on target for his adjusted age (just under 3 months) for all his skills. Physically, he is getting closer to the size of his peers! We have one big baby boy.
Mike was able to come to the well baby visit; it was his first. He did well, even holding Max's legs for the shots....although he hid his face. I think it was both self preservation (he hates needles) and not wanting Max to see he was contributing to his discomfort ; )
Here's a recap of Max's growth:

Age Weight Length (inches)
Birth 4#14oz 18
1 mo 6#09oz 19 3/4
2 mo 9#14oz 21 1/2
4 mo 14#14oz 25
We'll try to post some pictures and video later this week. Hope all is well in your world(s).


  1. so babies are supposed to triple their birth weight by 1 year of age --- only one of children accomplished this goal -- Kolten. Max has already surpassed his. He has tripled his birth weight in only 4 months --- what an oinker!! :) I'm looking forward to the new pics!!

  2. What a doll! I will share these with Great-Grandpa Clyde when he comes over. Aunt Sheila


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