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October 20, 2009

Show Me What You've Got

I'll be back to post some pics, but just wanted to get the word out....

We have a GIRL on the way!


P.S. My position was eliminated 10/8, along with many others in my general area. Luckily, I work(ed) for a great company and we will be okay for awhile with some good options in the near future. Right now, I am enjoying the unexpected gift of time at home. Unfortunately, we don't have the internet right now. I hope to rectify that soon. I think I'll need this space for some sanity saving before this ordeal is over!


  1. Sorry to hear about the unemployment - Glad you're making the best of it. Hope it's not adding too much stress to the pregnancy. Will you be able to stay out of work until after the baby arrives?

    CONGRATS on keeping the family balanced. Is this the first granddaughter for both sides of the family? Have any names picked out? I really hope they didn't miss the penis like they did with one of my friends. ;op


  2. Congrats on having a girl! You are going to love having your very own Princess. I am so excited for you!

    I am however sorry that you lost your job. Definitely get internet soon. Now you don't have any excuses not to blog more often!!


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