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October 9, 2009

What Friday's Should Be Made Of

Sleeping in. Who's with me on this?
Well, these two for sure : D

What Friday's should not be made of...
...we're working on this one.
Today I am 21 weeks pregnant. Holla! Officially on the downhill slide and it feels so good! Same struggles as always, but the little one is worth it.
This weekend Max and I are going to spend some quality time with Mommo. I'm looking forward to it : ) Mike's a good cook, and I love to eat out, but nothing beats Mom's cooking (just ask my siblings!). Hopefully, Max will be the same good boy he was last weekend, and so far this week. He has a mass under the skin of his outer eye and we started some intesive antibiotics Wednesday so I'm hoping we have some progress on the lump before we head back. This is offiically the prescription from hell. He has to take 12 ml's twice a day (over two teapsoon's), and he very much does not like it. This is the first medicine we've given him that he hasn't liked, and of course it's the one he has to have the most of. We also have to hold a heat compress on the lump 4 times a day, for at least 20 minutes each time. Any suggestions on getting him this medicine without fighting him? Or on getting him to sit still for the compress? Right now, we shoot for when he's sleeping, but that will make for a long 10 days....


  1. Use duct tape to affix the hot compress to his little face. Just kidding.

    Perhaps you could use bribery to get him to take his medicine. Offer him a tasty treat or his favorite snack right after he takes his medicine.

  2. I agree with bribery. We used to give Gavin suckers during neb treatments.


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