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May 25, 2010

Growing Up - Mighty Max, 2 yrs.

Life with Max at 2 years of age:

  • You're finally growing into your skin, looking less like a baby.
  • You are down to one nap a day. You held on to that morning nap for a long time though!
  • You STILL do not sleep through the night. If only you could tell me why you wake up!!
  • You sleep in a big boy bed, and have for almost a year now : )
  • You love to run and jump. And boy, you are Speedy Gonzalez and, WOW, you excel at the jumping.
  • Some of your favorite things: balls, stickers, pickles.
  • You have a great vocabulary and know how to use it. You still sign please instead of saying it though, so we're working on that one.
  • You love, LOVE to play outside. I believe you really think the world has ended if you are told you can't go o.u.t.
  • You love your baby sister (and her toys) to pieces.
  • You do not love how much time Mommy spends nursing her.
  • You still love to snuggle. Another reason you don't like the time Mommy holds Elly.
  • You weren't a picky eater, now you are. We go through long periods of Feast or Famine with you at the dinner table.
  • You want what Mommy and Daddy have to drink. Thus, you drink tea a lot. But not a lot of it, for those worrying about your health : )
  • You love blankets, and almost always have one within reach, and absolutely will not fall asleep without one. This is strange, as you didn't have one for well over a year. But, it's just a blanket, and any blanket will do (even Elly's in a pinch!).

Life with you is an almost constant adventure filled with fun. We love you Mighty Max!
2 yr stats: WT 29lbs HT 35.5in. Both register in the 75th percentile, 60th combined.


  1. Huzzah for turning two!! Happy Birthday Mighty Max!

  2. Yay Max! You're getting to be such a big boy! Oh man, he sounds a LOT like Sam (although Sam has been down to 1 nap for some time)!

  3. Loved your comment, thank you for the reassurance that I'm not alone :) And a very happy birthday to your little man!!


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