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May 31, 2010

Growing Up - Miss E., 3 months

Life with Elly at 3 months:

  • You've giggled at your brother. It was so great to hear that!

  • You have settled into a pretty good routine all on your own.

  • We have poop! That's right, you finally poop regularly w/o any intervention. YAY!

  • You love to "stand" on Mommy's hand and look over my shoulder. You think you're so big.

  • Right on target, you've moved into the 3-6 month clothing. You look so adorable in your summer outfits!

  • You are the happiest little girl right after you've nursed.

  • Your favorite toy is Mr. Turtle on the toy bar of your bouncy seat. I don't think anyone gets as many smiles as that guy ; )

  • You severely dislike being outside in the heat! This is awful for mommy, as your brother loves to be outside : (

  • You hate being in your car seat unless we are MOVING. No stopping for us!

  • You do not sleep well when you are held. You absolutely want to be in your bed to sleep. Someday I will appreciate this, but today I just wish I could cuddle you a little more!

  • Your eyes are still blue! I'm hopeful there will no changes here ; )

    1. Oh Miss E - I'm so glad I got the chance to meet you this weekend! I hope you learn to love the heat so that you can spend many more weekends playing in my backyard. Maybe Mom will let you splash in the pool and that will make you happy? We can put it in the shade :)

    2. Hooray for regular pooping! And how funny how important poop becomes once you are a parent ;)


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