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June 11, 2010

Growing Up - Miss E., 4 months

Life will Elly at 4 months:

  • You love to chew on your fingers, sometimes getting your entire hand in your mouth! I hope this is just a sign of teething and not a habit.
  • You are starting to show some interest in holding toys; you seem so surprised when you make the noise!
  • You love to grab in general. My fingers (or just skin!) and your clothes are the faves. Aunt Jill's long hair seems to rank up there too!
  • You love to watch other kids play. You're eyes go all wide as you absorb everything going on : D
  • You LOVE to have your diaper changed (size 1-2 btw), and will just lay there and smile and talk to us. I had forgotten that diaper changes could actually be fun!
  • You recognize our voices now. If Mommy starts talking you turn your head/body about until you find me : ) I love it!
  • Still loving bath time! You shared a bath with your big brother for the first time this week. I don't know who was more entertained: you, Max, or Mommy and Daddy!
  • You are SO interested in real food. You cannot get enough of watching us eat. It's so cute the way you will follow the fork from plate to mouth!
  • You are trying so hard to roll over! Too soon you will be mobile : (
  • Your hair is finally starting to come back and fill in. It's not coming back the pretty red you were born with, it seems to be blonde ; )
  • We all love you so much and cannot imagine our lives without your precious smiles!

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  1. Diaper Changes? Fun? Say it isn't so! Miss E you are growing up too fast! Stay a tiny snuggly for your mom just a bit longer!


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