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October 26, 2010

Growing Up - Mighty Max, 2 1/2 yrs.

Life with Max at 2.5 years old:

Things you love...

  • Mommy : D you are a total mama's boy.
  • Your blankets! Fortunately you don't have one specific blanket you are attached to, as long as it's soft/fuzzy you are good to go.
  • Chocolate : )
  • Mints (tic tac's specifically)
  • Staying in your jammies all day.
  • Pancakes (you see a syrup bottle and freak out!)

Things you dislike...
  • Vegetables!
  • Having your picture taken : ( unless I'm taking a crazy # of pics of Elly, then you want in on the action
  • Having your diaper changed.

  • You are in a size 5 diaper. I am hoping potty training goes better soon because it pretty well isn't going anywhere right now and I'd love to stop buying your diapers!
  • You are transitioning to 3T clothes.
  • You have a very broad vocabulary, and are pretty clear in your diction. Or maybe that's just me since I hear it all the time : )
  • You are still a huge fan of going outside, and can now unlock the door so that you can get yourself there. Some scary moments result from this!
  • You still DO NOT sleep through the night. Agh!
  • You recently went to your first haunted house. Daddy says you did well. You woke up screaming two nights later though. Not your usual.
  • You love flying. Or rather pretending to fly. Buzz Lightyear, airplanes, helicopters, fairies, dinosaurs...all of these things fly and therefore are imitated multiple times a day.
    Speaking of imitating, almost everything you see you try to do yourself.
  • You are fearless. You are the kid parks were built for. There is one particular park that has a toddler area vs a big kid area (5-12yr); you have already conquered the big kid area. My heart stopped while you were were above Daddy and out of his reach! All by yourself!!!
  • You are a great big brother! So kind to Elly and always wanting to make sure she has everything she needs. Your toy sharing could use a little work, but I suppose that will come in time.
  • You are just an all-around great kid. most days Daddy and Mommy look at each other in awe and amazement. (we have days we look at each other and wonder what were we thinking too!)

We love ya kid! Stop growing up so fast, would ya?


  1. he is too stinking adorable - can't believe he's already closer to 3 than 2...i personally LOVE how close our son's birthdays are - if we dont look at years :op

    did you cut your hair? you both look incredibly cute in that pic! can't wait to see all of you again!!!


  2. I love your hair! I can't believe how fast time is flying. Ugh. It's just going to go faster with Elly too.

  3. Max you are amazing! I love hearing all about his super climbing/super pancake loving self.


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