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March 7, 2011

Can I Tell You...

How much I love this kid?!
There were days I truly worried about his behaviour. But he has really turned a corner and is such a good kid (most of the time!). Every day I look forward to what he can teach me next; and he never disappoints : D  If he'd just figure out the potty training we'd be golden!

Current favorite Max-moment: Everyday, first thing, "Mommy! I wake up! I get down now?"


  1. He is getting so big! He doesn't look like a baby anymore he looks like a little man! Oh Max. Stop growing up. But do master potty training for Mom please. =)

  2. LOVE the tiara! Awesome. Behavior is a total bitch isn't it? Gavin had me concerned for a while too - we went through a (long) phase of massively emotional tantrums, and then there was the scary phase a year and a half ago where he was hitting and flailing and I was really worried he would hurt himself (or me, or his brother). I got serious about vitamins and whole foods at that time, and I have no idea if it was nutrition or just maturing, but we seem to be past the hump! So glad the "I HATE YOU!", "Well, I don't really like you that much right now" moments are over (at least until he's a teenager...ugh!)


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