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March 11, 2011

Referring You

I want to send you to a friend of mine. She wrote a post that strikes near to our families' hearts (family's?). I'm sure you all remember the multiple mentions of the 17P shot I received during my pregnancy with Elly. It seems that the cost of these shots is rocketblasting (skyrocketing doesn't cover it) due to some new regulations. No use is writing more as she lays it all bare with more eloquence than I could probably put to it.

I am so sad to hear that a decreased number of women will be afforded the peace of mind I had by receiving these shots.

My Baby is More Expensive than Your Baby

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  1. Thanks! Not so sure about the eloquence.....I tend to type as I speak....rambling :) I haven't searched for the latest articles on this, I keep hoping MOD will come out with a statement against the pricing.


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