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January 21, 2009

High Maintenance

Max screams. You remember me mentioning this before, right?

Well, it's getting better, but not gone yet. Mornings are rough, I'm home by myself getting Max and myself ready to head out the door while trying to get some one-on-one playtime in too. Lately, Max has been wanting to be in the same vincity as me (as in constant contact) when I'm getting ready whereas he used to be content playing nearby. Can any of you get ready one handed? I didn't think so...and no, doing it in +++ hours time does not count. Yes, I know I shouldn't cater to this behaviour, but the SCREAMING (-->shivers in distaste).

I have found my reprieve: sitting Max in the sink and letting him play there while I get ready (besides taking the pics I'm usually standing right in front of him...SAFETY people!). Anyway, this morning Max found out how to turn on the water (accident, not design). Oh, the joy. A little background information: Max has recently decided that diaper and outfit changes are the end of the world. So, due to his ingenuity, he had an extra outfit and diaper change this morning.

Total outfit changes: 2 Total diaper changes: 3

Max plays with one of his favorite toys, an empty water bottle.
(Thank you to everyone who spent $$$ on toys for Max; they really add color to my living room decor!)

This is so great Mom, thanks for the opportunity to be so near water! Now, if only it were a real bath...

Doesn't he seem very smug about what he did?

In other news, ?? over at The New Black says that her cars name is Stupid (honey, give yourself a name too!). Well, if that's true, then Mike's car (aka my old car) is named "Money-sucking POS that needs to run for another year before dying a quick death at the junkyard." Too long? I'll work on it. More on this in another post. Perhaps Mike will do that update an dazzle you with his word wrangling.

Happy day to you.

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