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June 10, 2009

Holy Crap!

So, (Wednesday) I head down to my favorite coffee shop for my favorite afternoon pick-me-up and whoa! Soneone is a filming a movie scene!

At first, this was more of an inconvenience than anything. I mean, I wanted my 'Medium White Mocha Latte'. Was I going to be able to get it? Would I have to walk through the drive through? Would I be able to get the d @ mn barista's attention? Luck was with me. A barista that knows me and my co-worker well was working. I was able to get his attention and he let us in the side door. We quickly placed our order and were cautioned to be quiet during filming (they weren't yet filming). We patiently waited for our beverages to be ready (quickest service ever!) and turned to be entertained whilst we were waiting. They were just setting up a shot, so we were in luck. So, shooting, shooting, in walks none other than:

Yep! LUKE PERRY. One of the two heart throbs from Beverly Hills 90210 (nope, I don't count Ian Ziering or Bian Austin Green --B.A.G. not back then anyway). Didn't you know I used to be a big 90210 fan? We didn't miss episodes, even when it aired Wednesday's right after C.C.D.

My co-worker quickly turned to me in surprise. She recognized him, but couldn't remember his name. It was, of course, ingrained in my memory long ago (right along with Jason Priestly, who's picture hung on my bedroom wall). Got back to work to look up the movie. What, you thought we were going to do actual work after that? Who are you? Turns out that there is a movie that is actually "set" in DSM: Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency. So watch for it to hit theaters, and look for the scene(s) set at Amici.

So, yeah. I have now lived through my first celebrity sighting. Sigh. My life will never be the same. And if you didn't catch the sarcasm in that last line you'll just have to go back and re-read it with your newfound knowledge.


  1. JEALOUS! I was a 90210 fanatic. Still am....thanks to SoapNet. Thanks for all the comments, I am annoyed, but able to keep it out of my head for the most part due to the massive amount of work I have to get done and a super happy baby brightening every moment with his happy kicks and squeals!

  2. I'm just sure if I ever saw a real celebrity I would act like a total GOOBER! I can't even thing about meeting someone famous without getting a gushing overly adoring grin on my face. GO YOU FOR KEEPING YOUR COOL!


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