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June 14, 2009

Vacation - Mustang Island

One of our days in the lovely, sun baked state of Texas was spent traveling to, enjoying, and traveling back from Corpus Christi. More specifically, Mustang Island. Our original destination was Port Aransas, but by the time we got on to Mustang Island, Mike was ready to be done, so we just pulled into the first beach available. We ended up having a great time. (The drive back -- not so much.)
Max LOVES the beach/ocean. We knew he liked water, but this did surprise us a little. We played in the sand, met some fellow beach-goers, chased birds, and played in the waves. In fact, when Mike first decided he was going to go dive into the waves Max watched him go, and then followed him in. Yep. Max followed Mike right into the ocean. Waves didn't faze him. I had to run in after him because he was showing no signs of stopping!

I'll try to get a video up tonight of Max vs. The Gulf of Mexico.


  1. you. in a bikini. just one year after a baby.

    if we could all be so lucky!! or disciplined, whichever it is!

  2. Mmm, yeah. It's actually called Mommy's too cheap to go buy a new swimsuit, and all had had from pre-baby was bikini's. Summer clearance, here I come!


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