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April 30, 2009

Party Time!

So, this party happened last Saturday, the day before my little boy turned 1. It was a good turnout for the brutal cold snap we were experiencing. Note to self: five space heaters + 1 fireplace do not a shelter house heat (in 4 hours time anyway).

To start the day, Max got his first haircut. He didn't pitch a fit, so I will consider this a success:

Then it was PART-AY TIME! (notice Max was all about the kisses that day!)

Some of the peeps:

Some of the gifts:

The Cake:

He was being "Mr. Clean" so Poppo stepped in to help...

Did it help? A little : )

I guess we should have had Kolten demonstrate first!!
All partied out. The End.


  1. Looks like a blast! I love all the kissing pictures!!

  2. Treasure these moments - time starts moving WAY too quickly from here!

  3. Such a happy little boy. I loved that he got a new do before the big celebration. A guy has to look his best on his big 0-1, after all. :)


  4. :o( I've missed soooo much. I am very disappointed that life has kept me away for over a year - missing the pregnancy as well as the first year of life. I'm glad we have phones, but I'll be happier to meet your lil man in person. Hoping to be thru town before the end of May. See ya soon.


  5. To respond to your comments - he likes the Amby bed SO much better than the crib or bassinet - although half the time I fall asleep on the couch with him and he never makes it to bed. And feel free to share my post. Happy Friday!


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