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April 14, 2009

What Up, Spring? What took you so long?

Max participated in his first Egg Hunt on Sunday. I can't say he was very interested in participating , but he had fun being outside. Thanks to some generous girls, he ended up with more loot than he actually "found".

Sheldon, Evan and Kolten had a little more individual luck than Max did (yep, Kole was enjoying the "fruit" of his labor).

His first hunt is fairly well documented, don't you think? I think the only way he'd be cuter is if he had bunny ears on himself : P

Max and his loot. Mmm, plastic eggs....

Max got 3 new sets of summer pajama's from Mommo and Poppo, and a cute new sweatshirt from Mike and I.

Jill, Sheldon, Kolten, Max, and myself all paid a visit to Great Grandma Bernie on Sunday.

(clockwise: Gr8-gma with Kole, Ggma with Sheldon, Max-Uncle Red-Kole-Shel-Ggma, Ggma with Max)

Hmm, do you think walking on stilts is in his future?
This is too cute not to share:
Max has spaghetti for the first time last week. He liked the noodles well enough, but he loved the sauce.

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