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April 3, 2009

Would you like to dance?

Max loves to dance when he hears the Baby Einstein music. He likes and recognizes most of it, but is particulary fond of two songs. The first one I don't know the actual name, but it's on the Baby Monet DVD near the end when they do a quick season recap (the song playing in the video). The other is Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes from the Baby Da Vinci DVD. He can be 3 rooms away and hear either of them and start bouncing to it.

Milestone of the Week: Max will now hold his own bottle....sometimes.
Max likes to lie back and watch television sometimes (say, for five minutes).

So glad we kept the Boppy out. Who knew we would have such extended uses for it?!
Daddy likes sharing his fruit with Max. It's one of the few times Max will actually eat a good quantity of fruit. Usually, he's more of a veggie boy. The pears recently have been awesome, just ask Max ; )

(the fruit shared in these photos was not strictly speaking shared...the pear was just for Max as Mike didn't want to give any of his sickly germs away)

This week has been not so fun for Mike and I. First, Max had regular cold sympotms from Sunday through Wednesday. He and I didn't get much sleep with him coughing through the night. He finally started feeling better yesterday. I felt like I was coming down with a cold Tuesday, and went out an bought some Zicam. It seems to have worked, becuase I hardly feel sick at all right now. Mike on the other hand, started feeling unwell the same time I did, but still feels extremely ill. I picked up some sushi tonight so that he could have some wasabi therapy. Then I sent him to bed with a muscle relaxer to get some rest. His work days have gotten to be hella long again. Today was the shortest day, clocking in just over 11 hours. Anyone feel like making him some good old fashion comfort food? Not one of my forte's.

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